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Shahid Khaqan admits to visa problems for Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has admitted that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was facing visa problems in the United Kingdom.

Speaking on SAMAA TV’s show Ehtesaab, Abbasi said that Nawaz Sharif’s visa was not extended because he was not admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus related restrictions after he moved to the UK from Pakistan in November 2019.

Abbasi also denied reports that the opposition
was holding secret talks with the powers that be.

He said there are two methods to extend a via
in the UK: if you are a student, you would be allowed to complete your
education and if you are a patient admitted in a hospital you would be allowed
to stay as long as the treatment continues.

Abbasi said since Nawaz Sharif was not admitted to the hospital his visa was not extended. To a question by host Imran Riaz Khan, the former prime minister said that when Sharif left Pakistan his health had deteriorated to the point that his life was threatened, but after arriving in the UK doctors resolved a few critical issues including the low platelet count and “stabilized” his health.

However, the PMLN leader said that Nawaz
Sharif needs to undergo at least three procedures.

Abbasi could not provide more details on
Sharif’s health but said that one issue involved the arteries that maintain blood
flow to the brain.

The PMLN leader also rejected the reports that Nawaz Sharif was returning to Pakistan in March this year.

“We have recommended him that he should get the medical procedures done. If he comes without getting the treatment done, it is his decision,” he said.

He said party leader Ayaz Sadiq had not said what year Sharif would return.

In response to a question about the nine-member
medical board recently set up by the Punjab government to ascertain Sharif’s
health, Abbasi said, “What will the board do. The board is sitting here and the
patient is in” London.

He said when Sharif left, four boards were formed and people from the Shaukat Khanum Hospitals were on those boards.

Abbasi claimed that eighteen people,
including SAPMs, have been assigned to issue false statements.

The former prime minister said that he was unaware of any secret negotiation between the powers that be and the opposition.

“No one has contacted me,” he said.

Abbasi also claimed some of the government ministers and MPs were not ready to vote for the mini-budget, but they got phone calls.

He said that the day the government lost supports from certain quarters it would collapse.

The PMLN leader also said that the long march was only a way to highlight issues faced by the nation and the opposition has done what it could do.

“Everyone knows what deals have given to Pakistan,” he said.

He said would not agree that “any method” could be used to get rid of the government.

Abbasi said that the LNG terminals that he got installed as petroleum minister under the PMLN government were saving around $1 billion every year for Pakistan as one of the two terminals was operating at full capacity and the other was operating at 60% capacity, though the PTI government had not imported the required quantify of LNG.

He said the corruption happens in the
import of furnace oil, not in LNG.

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