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Govt bans tourists entry in Murree, Galiyat

The government has imposed on Friday a temporary ban on
entry of tourists in Murree and Galiyat region.

The decision was taken after the area was overcrowded with
tourists looking to enjoy snowfall.

The tourists have been barred from entering Murree, said
Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed.

They won’t be allowed to go beyond Satra Meel Toll Plaza,
Rasheed said, except in the case of extreme emergency.

The minister said that the authorities are trying to bring
tourists safely back from Murree and Galiyat.

Murree is less than 65km and 76km away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, respectively. Even if you are coming from Lahore, you can reach Murree in six hours.

Being the nearest major tourist destination, Murree receives tens of thousands of visitors every weekend. This week, Murree received fresh spell of snowfall making it more attractive for tourists.

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