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Pakistani truck art debuts on footwear

Vibrant colours coupled with intricate floral patterns, witty poetry on life lessons, and a pair of mysterious kohl-rimmed eyes are some of the features that best describe the trucks in Pakistan.

These elaborate designs not only light up the roads and highways in Pakistan, but have travelled beyond borders too. And from the photos that went viral this week, the truck art only seems to be expanding.

“They were customised shoes,” artist Haider Ali said on SAMAA TV’s show Naya Din. “So I thought why not highlight just my truck art on them. I mostly paint truck art.”

Earlier this week, shoes adorned with Haider’s truck art had gone viral on social media, with many people lauding his talent and expressing a desire to own a customised pair. Haider’s art has already received appreciation world over, including Japan, Australia and the US. 

“I am invited with my team to various museums and universities around the world,” said Haider. “We introduce the colours of Pakistan. People really appreciate our designs and because this work isn’t seen anywhere else, people who see it for the first time really like it.”



Haider’s team comprises artists and his students. Watch the video to find out more about his painting techniques and the poetry that is in demand.

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