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Sacked policeman nominated in Arshad Pappu case killed in Karachi

Two men, including a sacked police officer nominated in the murder case of Lyari gang war leader Arshad Pappu, were killed in a targeted attack in Karachi on Friday.

SSP East Qamar Raza Jaskani said that Javed Baloch, a former inspector who was dismissed from the service, was returning home with his relative Muhammad Mussaddaq when they were targeted in Soldier Bazar No. 2 area. Mussaddaq was also a former government employee.

Javed Baloch had gone to Karachi Central Jail to appear before the Anti-Terrorism Court No. 10. Four suspects chased them on two motorcycles and opened fire on them, the SSP said.

Initial police investigation shows that 9mm pistols were used in the attack. They found 13 casings of spent bullets were found from at the site.

Police officials believe personal enmity was behind the murder.

SSP Jaskani said that the dismissed officer was earlier arrested for facilitating the gang war criminals in the murder of gangster Arshad Pappu.

Lyari kingpin Uzair Baloch is also nominated in the same case.

CCTV footage of the targeted killing of Baloch and Mussaddaq has been obtained and police teams have been formed to hunt the attackers, the SSP said.

Eye witnesses claim that both the men were lying on the road
for quite some time before the police and rescue services arrived. People kept
making videos of the two and no one helped them.

CCTV footage shows that the deceased were intercepted by the suspects riding two motorcycles. One of the suspects, dressed in white pants and shirt, got off the bike and opened fire on them while his accomplice stood alert on the bikes at some distance.

The suspect kept firing at them for around 90 seconds and shot again from close distance before fleeing.

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