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Mathira’s sister irked by skin-tone bias in Pakistan

TV actor Rose Khan has said that actors with fair complexion are given preference in Pakistan’s film and TV drama industry.

She appeared with her sister Mathira in a TV show Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

“I did a photo shoot where negro base was applied on my face. When the pictures were uploaded on the internet, they got a lot of backlash. People said why a dark-complexion model was not used instead of me,” she said.

She suggested that if the role demands an actor with a dark complexion, then such an actor should be cast. Don’t cast a fair actor and then make them look dark by applying base, Rose said.

In the past, other actors have also pointed out the industry’s bias towards fair-skinned actors.

In an interview, Saboor Aly said that there are many channels and production houses where “gora complex” is rife. “If you are fair-skinned, you will get lead character quickly. If you have a complexion like me, you will struggle a lot.”

She said that actors are doing big projects not because of their skills but their fair complexion.

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