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Nazim Jokhio died of iron rod beatings to perianal region

A supplementary postmortem report to investigate the cause of death of Nazim Jokhio has concluded that he was tortured in the perianal or rectal region.  

Jokhio was killed on November 3 for resisting the hunting of Houbara
bustard birds in Thatta’s Achaar Salaar Goth. The medico-legal examiner recorded
that he died of shock caused from being beaten by a hard blunt object in his
perianal and abdominal regions.

The report has been added to
the chemical and histopathology investigations. The chemical examiner said that
no traces of sedative, narcotics or poisonous substance were found. Jokhio’s
histopathology report suggests that his heart and kidneys were functioning
properly at the time of death. His heart was also in good condition.

Dr Muhammad Areeb Bakhai has confirmed
that the death was caused by the beating by iron rods and sticks, and kicks. It
was initially assumed that a deep head wound had caused his death, but the new
report says it was a beating in the genital area. 

Jokhio was tortured to death
allegedly by Sindh MPA Jam Awais, his elder brother MNA Jam Abdul Karim, their
servants and guards over preventing hunting for their Arab guests.
Jokhio’s death started a debate on social media after a video surfaced in which
he is seen arguing with the MPA’s Arab guests and servants. His body was found
at the main gate of Jam House. 

On December 21, the police filed interim charge sheet before Malir
Judicial Magistrate Altaf Hussain against 22 suspects, including two sitting
lawmakers in the Sindh and National assemblies, their two Arab guests, servants
and guards for the murder. However, the police did not assign the suspects a
role in the commissioning of the alleged offence. 

The case’s investigating officer has asked the court to take the
interim charge sheet on record and grant 10 days for a final report. The IO had
claimed that the police was waiting for the postmortem report, forensic
analysis of the DVR recovered from the house of the lawmakers, the victim’s
mobile phone and a USB.

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