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When living Hanif was wished on birthday of late Hanif

  • Author Muhamad Hanif decides to play
  • His fans chip in to give the joke a new spin

There is a term called “click restraint.” It means resisting the urge to click on the first result which appears when a term is searched on Google.

But this urge is hard to resist. Numbers show that the first five organic results on Google account for 67.60% of all the clicks. 

Apparently, this restraint wasn’t exercised when a CricTracker’s graphic designer sat down to make an artwork to wish former Pakistan’s batsman Hanif Mohammed a happy birthday on December 21. 

CricTracker is a website which covers cricket matches, and features stories about teams and players. 

Pakistan has two legends with Hanif in their names and both are the masters of their field. One is batsman Hanif Mohammad and the other is acclaimed writer Mohammed Hanif.  

This difference was too subtle for the unlucky graphic designer. But, to be honest, the blame lies with Google. These are the results for the term Hanif Mohammed.

The designer might have searched the legend’s name and used the only colored picture of him. 

Hanif decides to play on

The post, which has now been deleted, bemused users on social media. Even Mohammed Hanif, who was wrongly wished the birthday, saw the lighter side and decided to play on. 

He accepted the greetings and asked for a cake too.

Ali Warsi chipped in to give the joke a new spin. Addressing Hanif, he said “So you played cricket in young years and have become an analyst now… When will you stop making this nation proud. The nation has been buried under the debt.”

Hassan Zaidi also found the gaffe hilarious and tweeted about it.

Some users found found it hard to believe someone could look this young at the age of 87.

But at least we have a post for when Mohammed Hanif will celebrate his 87th birthday.

“Well atleast we already have a post for @mohammedhanif actual 87th birthday,” wrote Aaliya Javed.

For some, only “Hanif” matters whether the cricketer or the writer.

A Twitter user, Murtaza Dar wrote: “Hanif Hanif hota ha jo bhe ho.”

“When you get an intern to handle your social media,” Mohammad Zaid wrote about the mixup.

Hanif, the writer celebrates his birthday in November. 

He earned unprecedent fame as a Pakistani author writing in English with his first novel A case of exploding mangoes.

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