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PM declares ‘from now’ govt won’t allow misuse of religion

Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that “from now on” the government would not allow any misuse of religion or the name of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Prime Minister Office on Tuesday held a ceremony to express solidarity with the family of Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara, the Sialkot lynching victim, and to appreciate the courage of Malik Adnan who tried to shield Priyantha by putting his own life on the line.

Prime Minister Imran Khan awarded a letter of appreciation to Malik Adnan.

He said Pakistan was proud of Malik Adnan and that moral courage is far greater than the physical strength. There is an English phrase “one moral man is an army,” the PM said.

He said the youth will be inspired by Adnan, whom he described as a man who “stood before animals.”

“I have decided that from now on if anyone uses the religion, especially in the name of Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we will not spare them,” the PM declared.

“Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Rehmatul-lil-Alameen not only for Muslims but for the entire humanity.”

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