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A list of every leader ever on PTI’s economic team

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government has been making constant changes to its economic team and this time it’s the finance secretary who has been replaced.

Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh, a grade 21 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), has been appointed the secretary finance (22 being the highest). He’s the sixth person to work as finance secretary since the PTI government came to power in 2018.

Here is a list of secretaries of finance who have so far served in the PTI government:

Arif Ahmed: He was the federal finance secretary when the Imran Khan-led PTI came to power. Just eight months down the road, he was removed.

Younis Dhaga: In March 2019, he replaced Arif Ahmed as secretary finance. However, he lasted only two months.

Naved Kamran Baloch: In May 2019, Baloch became the new finance secretary. He served in this capacity till December 2020.

Kamran Ali Afzal: The PTI government once again decided to introduce a secretary finance and this time it was Kamran Ali Afzal. He remained in the position for five months.

Yousuf Khan: In May 2021 Khan was appointed finance secretary but he lasted five months.

Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh: On December 2, 2021, the government issued a notification appointing Sheikh as the new secretary.

Finance ministers under the PTI

Asad Umar: He chaired the finance ministry for nine months – between August 2018 and April 2019. Inflation increased from 5.8% to 8.3%. Petrol prices went up Rs3.64 per liter, and sugar prices shot up Rs11 per kg.

Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh: The portfolio was then handed over to Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. He was appointed finance minister in April last year and headed it till March this year. Inflation recorded at 14.6%. Petrol prices were up by Rs13 per liter. Ghee doubled from Rs150 to Rs300 per kilogram.

Hammad Azhar: Shaikh was replaced by Azhar but he headed the finance ministry for only a month

Shaukat Tarin: In April 2021, Tarin was appointed Pakistan’s fourth finance minister. Inflation swung between 9% and 11%. Petrol shot up by Rs29.23 a liter, taking it to a record high of Rs137.79 per liter.

FBR chairpersons under PTI

Rukhsana Yasmeen was the FBR chairperson when the PTI government came to power in 2018.

Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan: The government decided to replace the FBR head and appointed Khan. However, the change did not stop there. Here are subsequent names for the slot:

Shabbar Zaidi

Nausheen Javed

Muhammad Javed Ghani

Asim Ahmed

Dr Muhammad Ashfaq is currently heading the tax authority

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