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Twitter on fire after overseas ‘Uncle’ calls Shazia Manzoor ‘auntie’

If you don’t know Shazia Manzoor just ensure you don’t let Twitter know this or you will learn about the music icon the hard way.

Chan Mere Makhna, Ghar Aja Soniya, Mitra, Batiyan Bujhai Rajhdi are some of the evergreen songs that defined the 1990s music scene in Pakistan. Shazia Manzoor was played on repeat in homes and on road trips, with listeners grooving and shaking a leg to her iconic Punjabi numbers. 

But if you are wondering why she is a top trend on Twitter today, here’s a breakdown of what ensued when the newly married Uncle Asad based in the US not only let slip that he didn’t know Shazia Manzoor, but called her an “auntie” at his wedding!

“Imagine you’re tryna do your rukhsati but you get outside and see some auntie doing this at your car,” tweeted Asad Uncle. He shared a video showing Shazia Manzoor, all decked up, stepping out of a red Lamborghini and singing the hit Indian song Lamberghini by The Doorbeen. 

No sooner had Uncle Asad posted Shazia Manzoor’s video with those words than a storm of rage and humour swept across his timeline.  

Millennial vs Gen Z, Pakistanis vs overseas Pakistanis, Ignorance vs knowledge. We are not quite sure what to make of it.

Some people commented that if they had Shazia Manzoor singing for them at their wedding they wouldn’t even say a word but be grateful to her.

Others were, however, amused by the reactions to Uncle Asad’s tweet. They requested him to not delete it and keep the humour rolling in.

A few even thanked Uncle Asad for making Shazia Manzoor a top trend in Pakistan. Uncle Asad appears to be monitoring every single comment under the tweet, given his quick responses to the ones that just couldn’t be missed. But he has requested people to keep schooling him too as he hasn’t learnt enough about Shazia Manzoor yet.

“I’d like to formally apologise to Pakistani Twitter for not knowing about Shazia Manzoor,” he said. “To make up for it, I’ll be making myself and my wife (who was also disappointed in me) listen to her music on repeat. I’ll get back to you all when I know her songs by heart.”

An epic demand came from those who aren’t too pleased with overseas Pakistanis being given voting rights. They think their rights are in “jeopardy” after the viral tweet.

Some loved the way Asad Uncle was cancelled for not knowing Shazia Manzoor.

Before calling someone an auntie or uncle at your wedding, remember the person unknown to you can turn out to be a legendary performer to an entire nation. And you don’t want to start your marriage by rubbing social media the wrong way!

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