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SLGA amendments: Mayors get more powers, TMCs to replace DMC

The Sindh government has started the process to amend the Sindh Local Government Act-SLGA 2013.

The amendments in the SLGA 2013 are focused on transferring some of
the powers that the provincial government has to the metropolitan corporation.
The draft has not been finalised yet.

The amendment will change the structure of the local government. As
per the draft, the District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) will be converted
into Town Municipal Corporations (TMCs).

Currently, there are seven DMCs in Karachi. Each of them has
operational autonomy. It means they make their own budget and generate revenue.
DMC has control of the education department and local taxes (advertisement)

Once the SLGA is amended, the education department and local taxes
(advertisement) department would be transferred to Karachi Metropolitan

The TMCs will be working under the KMC, like it used to under SLGO
2001, where the town administration was working under City District Government
Karachi (CDGK).

The number of TMCs will be increased based on the population of towns. The TMCs will be able to collect taxes and fees with the permission of KMC mayor.

Mayor will have the authority of tax collection and will decide
about power whether or not to collect any taxes and fees.

But the Sindh will still have the upper hand as it will be
authorised to introduce any new tax on KMC.

The Union Committees will be formed in urban areas of Sindh while
the Union Councils to operate in rural Sindh.

According to the sources, more amendments with respect to conferring tax collection authority to KMC are under discussion. It will take a couple of weeks the draft is finalised, the sources added.

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