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PM Khan says land worth Rs5.59 trillion encroached in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that total land worth Rs5.5 trillion is encroached in Pakistan.

He shared the results of first phase of survey of state lands on Twitter.

In the first phase, total 81,209 sq km of the state land was surveyed. Out of this, 824,210 acres of land is encroached, according to the document shared by the prime minister.

Total worth of the state land encroached is around Rs2.6 trillion.

Major government entities whose land have been encroached upon include:

  • Forest land – 675,615 acres worth Rs1.87 trillion
  • Railways – 8,256 acres worth Rs307 billion
  • Civil Aviation Authority – 816 acres worth Rs98 billion
  • National Highways – Land valuing Rs52 billion encroached
  • Evacuee Trust Property – Land worth Rs117 billion encroached

The survey of land records in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad showed that land worth around Rs2.64 is encroached.

Prime minister said that the government will take action against land grabbers and their facilitators with the help of digital record maintained by cadastral mapping.

He said that it shows why his government faced “massive resistance” when it started cadastral mapping of Pakistan to digitalise land records.

There’s a phenomenal state land encroachment including forest land with the connivance of land mafia political elite, said PM Khan.

“This has aggravated Pak’s existing lack of sufficient forest cover,” he added.

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