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QR codes to help verify Sindh LG department letters, orders

The Sindh Local Government Department tired of fake
posting and promotion letters has decided to introduce a “real-time data
management & receiving system”.

The Secretary Sindh LG Department Syed Najam Ahmed Shah said
the system is introduced for identification of bogus and fake office orders and
documents issued by different offices. It will ensure the transparency in the
department with regard to memos issued by the department.

Earlier, any officer who has suspended could get his posting/transfer
order issued without the knowledge of higher-ups. There was no way to check the
authenticity of the letter issued by section officers.

At the start of 2021, QR code system was introduced to curb
the issuance of bogus office orders with the signatures of section officers.

The Secretary LG department issued an order stating that only
office orders and letters having QR codes will be considered valid.

Now, the LG department has introduced real-time data
management system along with the QR codes.

How it works

Through this QR code system, the authenticity of any
document issued by the LG department can be verified in real time.

Anyone wanting to check the veracity of the LG department
issued order or letter need to is scan the QR code using their smartphone.

If the document is authentic, it will redirect the user to website of Sindh LG department and the same order or letter will be opened.

The Secretary LG said that all officer letters and orders are uploaded daily on department’s website and will be available for verification within two hours of their uploading.

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