Karachi artisans keep hand-made leather shoe craft alive thumbnail

Karachi artisans keep hand-made leather shoe craft alive

The art of making leather shoes by hand is fading away in Pakistan. The advent of China-made shoes of synthetic leather knelled the death bell for this centuries old craft. However, a factory located in Karachi’s Ancholi is still making various leather goods including newly designed shoes, wallets, belts, and pouches without using modern machinery.

According to factory owner Sajjad Hussain, the main reason for the extinction of this art is the lack of artisans. Hussian says they have skilled craftsmen between the ages of 50 and 90 years. The craftsmen produce leather items that are remarkable in design and durability.

The artisans and the factory owner are trying to provide quality shoes for the people at a reasonable price that is half the amount machine-made shoes would cost. Yet, they are struggling to keep the craft alive in Pakistan.

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