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Gulf Air’s Islamabad-bound flight misses flying into a hill

An international airline narrowly escaped a major accident on Tuesday because of the alleged negligence of an air traffic controller in Islamabad.

A Gulf Air passenger airplane missed crashing into a hill after it was misguided by a negligent air traffic controller.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the flight was on its way to Islamabad from Bahrain at 4am. The plane descended to 5,000 feet on the instructions of the air traffic controller.

However, all aircraft in that particular area are required to maintain an altitude of 8,000 feet. The pilot took the Boeing 787-9 to a higher altitude after the aircraft’s GPS system alerted them about the hazard of a nearby hill.

The pilot had asked ATC for a lower altitude because of bad weather, the CAA maintained. “The ATC instructed him not to drop the altitude but later allowed (the aircraft) to descend (further) after multiple calls by the pilot.”

The director-general of CAA has initiated a probe into the incident and suspended the air traffic controller. The investigation board will make further inquiries.

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