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FIA arrest man for pocketing Rs20.66m by forging boss’ signatures

FIA’s Commercial Bank Circle or CBC arrested a man on Tuesday for pocketing tens of millions of rupees by forging signatures of his boss.

Raids are being conducted to arrest other people involved in this fraud.

According to details, a yarn dealer Muhammad Imran had filed a complaint with the FIA, charging his accountant Syed Abdul Haseeb of transferring a huge amount into his personal account by forging his signature.

Imran said that when he confronted his accountant, he confessed that he had transferred Rs800,000 into his own account by signing forged cheques.

When he asked the bank to provide a detailed statement of transactions, he learnt that Rs20.66 million were missing from his account.

Urging the FIA to arrest the man and recover the stolen funds, he said that Abdul Haseeb had disappeared.

FIA found that Imran maintained his account in a private bank on Merewether Road and he was the sole signing authority of the account. Despite all precautions, the accountant managed to transfer Rs20.66 million into his own account.

It also found that Abdul Haseeb colluded with bank officials to terminate the SMS service informing the account holder of all transactions.

Abdul Haseeb was employed by the yarn dealer in 2009 and promoted to his current post in 2017.

In 2019, Abdul Haseeb requisitioned a checkbook for Imran’s account in collusion with certain bank employees, including Ali Sarfaraz Zaidi, Muhammad Anwar. They managed to withdraw Rs20.73 million and deposited the same amount into the accounts of his wife, Madiha, and one of his relatives Khurram Arif.

When FIA sent cheques deposited by Abdul Haseeb for forensic analysis, it was found that as many as 54 cheques bore fake signatures.

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