Video: Chakwal coal mine’s black riches thumbnail

Video: Chakwal coal mine’s black riches

Most coal mines in the area starts at a depth of 2,000 ft. 

Coal makes the mine owners rich but leaves coalminers in a condition worse than a beggar.  

At this depth, every breath miners take is under the shadow of death.

The roof of coal mines are supported by wooden girders.

The deeper you go in the mines you will feel air lashing from the ventilation system.

If there is a buildup of methane gas in the mine, miners can die by breathing poisoned air.

Life is grim for the coalminers who go about their daily lives happily without bating an eyelid, but every day they descend into a grave and they are lucky if they ascend back alive. They are used to such hard labor.

Miners are paid a wage of Rs1,000 per day but if any of them died no one — neither the government nor the owner – takes any responsibility.

There is a new model mine in Chakwal in Punjab where they teach mine managers and miners about safety and warn them about mine hazards too.

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