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Lahore student’s Snapchat video alerts US administration

A student from Lahore shook the US administration with his Snapchat video in which he was holding a pistol in his hands while sitting in the classroom.

Nineteen-year-old Hussain Asif is a student of KIPS College, Lahore. Three days ago, he uploaded a short video on Snapchat. In the clip, he was seen carrying a pistol in the classroom.

Snapchat flagged the video and informed the law and enforcement agency in US. They contacted FIA through Interpol and told them about the risk.

Interpol made a call to the FIA in Pakistan and instructed them to take immediate action.

The FIA arrested the student but the pistol turned out to be a fake.

The director general of the FIA has sent a report to the US administration through Interpol.

The student has been released on a personal guarantee because no crime was proved.

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