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Hania Aamir wants you to value ‘selfless’ people

Hania Aamir has posted a heartfelt note about why it is important to celebrate people who give without expecting anything in return.

“There are so many distractions around us,” she said. “So much noise. It makes us lose sight of the things and the people we should be thankful for.”

Hania has been keeping a low profile since her video controversy in June. Last week, she had her first Q&A session with followers in four months in which she revealed the reason for not being as active on social media as in the past. It turned out that constant online attacks were affecting her emotional well-being and she decided to take a break.

“We run after people who have hurt us and cry for the people who have betrayed us, forgetting to be there for the ones who were our anchor when we had lost control,” Hania said. “Sometimes we take the nicest people for granted just because they are available at any time without any questions.”

Hania believes people who bring joy and give without expecting anything in return should be celebrated because they are “rare”. 

“Their efforts might seem insignificant because they probably weren’t the reason for some big event in your life, but they are the ones to keep you going. Appreciate and give back to these beautiful selfless people.”

In the Q&A last week, Hania had shared how voicing opinions on social media came with a price. She said she was fed up with gossip, mean comments, and people bringing each other down.

“And to be honest, I’m at peace,” she said. “I like that people know less and say less.”

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