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Adnan Siddiqui has a query for Twitter CEO

Many of Adnan Siddiqui’s followers might just have noticed that his Twitter account is not verified and just like them he too wants to know why.

It appears from Adnan’s account that he joined Twitter in 2015 but unlike several fellow celebrities, who either signed up before or after him, Adnan does not have a Verified badge.

On Tuesday, Adnan decided to forward his query to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He tagged Jack and the official Verified blue badge source and said that “220 million Pakistanis can vouch for me being a big time small actor (or the other way round, as they please) who has worked across the continents. Still not qualified enough to get my handle verified?”

The actor completed his query with the ironic hashtag #adnanwho.

Although there was no immediate response from either Jack or the Verified badge source, Adnan’s followers had a lot to say.

One follower asked if the actor has applied for the badge at all and another reminded Twitter that this “small time actor” has worked in Hollywood movie A Mighty Heart and Mom, which was Sridevi’s last film starring Sajal Ali as well.

What does Verified badge show?

A Verified badge or blue tick lets people know that the account is authentic. If you want to receive this badge, your account must be notable and active.

There are three ways to verify your account as listed by Twitter.

  • Providing Twitter the link to your website which references your account 
  • Providing a photo of an official identification card such as your passport or driver’s license 
  • Providing an official email address with a domain relevant to your notability category (government, corporate, entertainment, journalism, etc.).

Want to know more about the blue tick? Read here.

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