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Four-year-old dies in front of health minister at Sukkur hospital

A four-year-old child died in front of Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho while she was at a visit to Civil Hospital, Sukkur.

The minister came to the hospital on Sunday when the patient’s condition deteriorated. Dr Pechuho kept calling for doctors but no one came.

When the case was brought up by journalists, the health minister said it was not possible for her to personally monitor every hospital in the province.

She said that there was a shortage of medical staff, which the media should highlight. The minister said that new doctors could not be hired due to a court restriction on holding tests to commission doctors for positions.Most doctors do not want to practice in rural settings and want to only work in cities.

Video of sweeper conducting post-mortem to be investigated

Last week, a video of a sweeper, who was later identified as Dilawar, conducting a post-mortem at a government hospital in Sukkar surfaced on social media. Dr Pechuho was quizzed about this. She responded by saying that if someone stands next to a body holding a knife, you cannot call it a post-mortem.

I can’t do anything about it if you share fake videos like these, the minister said. Dr Pechuho said that she will conduct an inquiry.

The sweeper said he had conducted a post-mortem but he would not apologise. He said he was forced to do it and now he just wanted to save his job.

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