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Hania Aamir shares her favourite celebrity couple

Hania Aamir had to make a choice between voicing her opinions online and her mental health. She preferred her emotional well-being and decided to take a break from Instagram.

Hania, who last shared a personal post in August, had an online interaction with her followers for the first time in nearly four months. Hania often conducted live sessions on social media, but she has been keeping a low profile since her video controversy in June.

On Tuesday, Hania announced she was taking questions on Instagram and has since been answering queries ranging from her personal to professional life.

“Don’t feel like it anymore,” was Hania’s response to a fan who asked her why she is not as active on Instagram. “I’ve picked enough battles here.  Voicing your opinion comes at a price. And that price is your mental health.”

Hania is fed up with gossip, mean comments, people putting each other down, and hence decided to take a break.

“Don’t like putting my life out there,” she said. “And to be honest, I’m at peace. I like that people know less and say less.”

She named Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan her favourite celebrity couple and wished she had met influencer Dananeer Mobeen earlier.

Hania hoped she would “rekindle” her friendship with Instagram one day, but for now she is good without it.    

The actor didn’t skip the question about her relationship status and gave a straightforward answer. 

“Haha, yes, single. And not looking for anything. Just spending some quality time with people that are closest to me and focusing on my craft and working really, really hard.”

Hania added that it doesn’t work when a person is actively looking for someone and that they will get what is theirs. “God works in mysterious ways.”

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