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Zahir Jaffer’s parents approach Supreme Court for bail

  • Zahir Jaffer’s parents approach Supreme Court
  • Earlier, their bail plea was rejected by the Islamabad High Court
  • Asmat and Zakir Jaffer have been accused of hiding the crime

Parents of Zahir Jaffar, the prime suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, approached the Supreme Court Wednesday morning, a week after the Islamabad High Court rejected their bail applications.

Asmat Adamjee and Zakir Jaffer have been accused of trying to hide the murder to protect their son.

On September 29, the Islamabad High Court issued a detailed judgment on their bail petitions. It ruled that Zahir’s parents will stay in jail until the case trial is completed.

Zahir’s parents have now filed an appeal in the top court against the decision of the Islamabad High Court.

Detailed judgment

The judgment stated that the parents of the main accused did not inform the police despite having knowledge of the crime. The watchman had clearly stated that he had informed Zakir Jaffer, it pointed out.

Zahir Jaffer, too, had said in a statement that he had informed his father before the murder.

In the detailed judgment, the court wrote that whether the statement of Zahir Jaffer is admissible or not is to be decided by the trial court. It said Zakir Jaffer spoke to the owner of the Therapy Works after the watchman’s report.

No attempt was made to inform the police even after the Therapy Works were informed. The court remarked that the bail may be denied in certain circumstances even if the offence is bailable especially when there is a possibility that the accused can influence witnesses or tamper with the evidence.

The court added that records show that Zahir Jaffer’s parents tried to hide the evidence and clear the crime scene.

Suspects named in the case challan

Zahir Jaffer – prime suspect

Zakir Jaffer – Zahir’s father

Asmat Zakir – Zahir’s mother

Muhammad Iftikhar – Zahir’s employee

Jameel Ahmed – Zahir’s employee

Muhammad Jan – Zahir’s employee

Tahir Zahoor – Therapy Works CEO

Dilip Kumar – Therapy Works employee

Wamik Riaz – Therapy Works employee

Umar Abbas – Therapy Works employee

Abdul Haq – Therapy Works employee

Amjad Mehmood – Therapy Works employee

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