Sheikh Rasheed tours PN Submarine Hamza on Dockyard visit thumbnail

Sheikh Rasheed tours PN Submarine Hamza on Dockyard visit

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad visited Pakistan Navy’s third Agosta 90B/Khaled class submarine, PNS/M Hamza during his visit to Pakistan Navy Dockyard on Sunday and praised Pakistan Navy’s performance.

Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice-Admiral Naveed Ashraf received the interior minister on his arrival.

The minister was briefed about the operational capabilities of Pakistan Navy, according to a communique.

Sheikh Rasheed was also taken aboard the PN Submarine Hamza and was briefed about its operational capabilities in detail. PNS/M Hamza is a fast-attack submarine which is the third submarine of Agosta 90B/Khalid-class.

The interior minister reviewed various sections of the submarine.

Expressing satisfaction over the preparedness of Pakistan Navy, he paid tribute to PN for its role during both peace and war.

On Saturday, sheikh Rasheed had said that all terrorist activities would be thwarted in an effective manner as the entire nation stood firm against its resurgence.

Talking with media persons after meeting with the spiritual leader of the Bohra Community, Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin.

He said everyone should respect different schools of thought.

Expressing the resolve to respect different schools of thought, Sheikh Rasheed said that he would meet heads of various schools

of thought during his tenure as an interior minister.

Rasheed also said that he had invited the leader of the Bohra community to visit Rawalpindi as he had a number of followers there.

Praising the role of Pakistan Army, the interior minister said Pakistan had one of the the best armies in the world.

Referring to the Doha agreement, he said following in the footsteps of the United States, the world make some space for Afghanistan.

Answering a question, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was aware of the high prices of wheat flour, pulses and sugar and directed the finance minister to reduce provide relief to masses.

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