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Jemima’s ‘tuk-tuk’ ride through Lahore in London

Jemima Khan had an overwhelming response when she tweeted out two weeks ago asking where she could find a Pakistani-style rickshaw for a shoot.

And from her latest Instagram post it looks like someone has finally helped her arrange one.

Jemima has posted a clip from the sets of her upcoming project. It shows her looking on as a scene involving the rickshaw is being shot against what appears to be a street in Lahore on a projector screen.  

“The magic of filmmaking in the era of Covid,” she wrote, tagging Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Now that a rickshaw was finally on the sets, Jemima made sure she made the most of it.

Lucas Gerard Webb, who is working on the project with Jemima, shared the same photo and wrote, “Tuk-tuk through Lahore in London with Jemima Khan.”

When Jemima asked around for help, her fans and followers from Pakistan had streamed the post with hilarious comments, with a few joking they would help her only if she promised to cast them as drivers.

Jemima is producing a rom-com What’s Love Got to Do with It? with the themes of cross-cultural relationships and marriage. It will be set in the UK and South Asia and will star Sajal Ali and Shabana Azmi in key roles.

Jemima’s company Instinct Production and Working Title Company produced the 2019 Emmy-nominated docuseries The Case Against Adnan Syed for HBO. She was the executive producer for The Clinton Affair as well. 

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