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Gun attacks against Islamabad property dealers leave three dead

Unknown gunmen fired shots on a private car in Islamabad on Saturday leaving two people – a property dealer and his bodyguard – dead.

It was the second attack against property dealers in as many
days in the federal capital.

On Friday, gunmen targeted two realtors killing one of them and wounding the other and three of their security guards.

While the police suspected personal vendetta behind Friday’s attack, the attempt on the life of another property dealer on Saturday has raised questions.

There were reports that both attacks were connected to a housing

Attack in I-9

The first attack on Friday came in Islamabad’s I-9 when gunmen in SUVs shot at property dealers and their gunmen who were travelling in two SUVs, according to the FIR registered after the incident.

The gunmen fired shots from Kalashnikov (AK-47) rifles.

The gunfire left five people wounded including two property
dealers Malik Tahir and Naved Mirza. The other three were their security

All five men were moved to a private hospital where Naved
Mirza succumbed to injuries.

Tahir’s condition improved enough and he registered an FIR which names four attackers and three of their unnamed accomplices.

The second attack

As police continued to investigate Friday’s attack, a similar
attack was reported on Saturday in the jurisdiction of Bani Gala Police

Gunmen riding a motorcycle fired shots on a car as it moved
on the Malpur Road.

Property dealer Rashid was travelling in the car with his guard Haroon, who also worked as a property dealer.

Rashid died on the spot while Haroon was severely wounded
and moved to the PIMS hospital. However, he, too,  did not survive.

Social media footage showed a car with shattered window

Connection between two incidents

Some reports suggest Rashid and the property dealers
attacked a day earlier were partners in a housing project.

The attackers were said to be their rivals who wanted to get hold of the same piece of land the deceased property dealers possessed.

Police sources have confirmed that the realtors targeted in both attacks were partners. However, they refused to comment about the feud.

After the attacks, Islamabad DIG Operation has ordered police officials to conduct snap checking.

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