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Steel town rape victim was dragged away from father’s bedside

Police officials investigating the Steel Town rape case have said that if the DNA sample of the arrested suspect did not match, DNA material of other potential suspects would be taken to determine the identity of the real rapist. The victim, a young girl, was dragged away from her father’s bedside, officials say.

Investigation Officer Amrita Palejo said that she firmly
believed that the suspect in custody was the rapist. She said she had visited
the crime scene and personally collected blood stains from there.

She said that the suspect lived next door to the victim and the roofs of both houses were joined.

Stressing the need to find solid evidence linking the
suspect with the rape, she said that until now, the police was chasing after
verbal evidence.

She maintained that DNA samples of the suspect had been sent
to a forensic laboratory for testing. Palejo said that if DNA samples did not
match, then the DNA samples of other potential suspects would be taken to
determine the identity of the real rapist.

The rape of an eight-year-old girl was reported early Saturday
morning (September 18). Her father asked authorities to take action against an
unknown man who had raped his daughter a few hours ago.

Subsequently, a team of police officials visited the crime
scene along with the complainant and the victim.

Police later asked the girl to give a physical description of the suspect.

At least two dozen suspects fitting the description were
rounded up from around the immediate neighbourhood.

When the victim identified one of the suspects, the police took him into custody and registered an FIR under Section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on a complaint filed by the victim’s father.

Police brought the girl to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for medico-legal examination at 12:15pm, at least eight hours after the occurrence of the incident. Woman Medico-legal Officer (WMLO) Dr Zainab Irshad examined the victim who wrote that the girl was subjected to “violent” sexual assault.

The girl was severely tortured during the rape and her left
ear was also bleeding.

The victim was referred to the National Institute of Child
Health (NICH) for treatment.

According to the statement filed by the complainant, the
girl was sleeping next to him on the roof of his house. He said that when he
woke up at around 2:30am, his daughter was missing.

The abductor had cut the mosquito net to drag away the girl.

He said that he immediately rushed down and looked for her
everywhere. When he failed to trace her whereabouts, he woke up his wife to
help him find their daughter.

The complainant said he then called his relatives about the missing

He told the police that when he shouted her name the girl
responded from a vacant plot near their house after some time.

According to the statement of the girl, she woke up when she
felt someone smothering her by holding a hand tightly over her mouth to keep
her from making loud noises.

She said that the suspect who dragged her up from her
father’s side had thrown her down the vacant plot and subjected her to rape.

The incident happened in Somaar Goth, a slum area within the
Steel Town area.

The complainant said that the gate of their house was

At the time of the crime, the entire area was without power and therefore in full darkness.

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