Pakistan holds 1,128 Indian army officers responsible for war crimes thumbnail

Pakistan holds 1,128 Indian army officers responsible for war crimes

At least 1,128 Indian army officers, including a major-general, are involved in war crimes in the occupied Indian Kashmir, says a dossier detailing Indian brutalities. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi presented the dossier at a press conference on Sunday.

The dossier provides proof of flagrant human rights abuses against five brigadiers, 131 colonels, 188 majors, four inspectors-general and seven deputy inspectors-general.

It also provides details about the whereabouts of at least 8,000 mass graves in the occupied Kashmir.

The 131-page document, containing 26 international and 41 references, provided ample details of human rights abuses in the occupied territories.

The foreign minister said that even today, Kashmiris were still being subjugated by 900,000 Indian troops.

Indian soldiers, he said, had besieged the Valley 769 days ago. He said that Indian military had resorted to using chemical weapons against unarmed civilan population in occupied Kashmir.

An ugly chapter in human rights violations was highlighted in narration by a woman who was repeatedly raped by Indian military authorities.

Shireen Mazari, federal minister for human rights, insisted that the worst violations were being perpetrated by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir but the UN was not talking about imposing sanctions against India. She also said that sexual abuse was being used as a weapon in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Criticizing the West’s double standards, Mazari said that even after abuses “are presented to the world community in great detail, the world was doing nothing about it”.

An advisor on security issues Mueed Yusuf said that India’s atrocities were a danger to the entire region.

Pointing out that a fake news network freely operated in 114 countries against Pakistan for a decade and a half, he said that no one was aware of it for such a long time. Pakistan, he said, had been consistently presenting evidence before the world community, amply demonstrating the level of disruption India was capable but no country paid attention.

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