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Conman posing as federal minister swindles Olympian, mountaineer

An Olympian and a renowned mountaineer have been swindled out of Rs600,000 by a conman who posed as a federal minister and promised to give them cars.

Olympian Talha Talib is a weightlifter and he came closer to winning a medal for Pakistan in the recent Tokyo Olympics, finishing fifth in the final round of the 67kg category.

Mountaineer Shehroze Kashif made history when he became the youngest climber in the world to summit K2 on July 27, 2021 at the age of 19.

The young sportsmen were conned in a similar manner and probably by the same criminal or gang.

In both case, the conman phoned the victims posing as a federal minister. The conman praised them for their remarkable achievements and said that the government intended to gift them cars.

The conman said they needed to send some cash to a particular bank account.

Shehroze Kashif’s father says the conman asked them to make a payment of Rs285,000. Talha Talib was asked to pay Rs323,000.

The fathers of both the young men deposited cash in the bank accounts.

Kashif’s father lodged a complaint with the FIA while Talha Talib’s dad reported the crime at the Citizen’s Portal.

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