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Man kills wife for refusing him money

A woman was shot dead by her husband for refusing him money during early Friday morning. She was the mother of four children.

The incident took place in Gulshan-e-Amna and the murder victim was identified as Mustafeed.

SHO of Airport police station Moosa Kaleem said that the accused, Muhammad Azam, had married Mustafeed a year ago. He said that Azam was the victim’s third husband and had four children, a son and three daughters, from her two previous husbands.

The victim’s body was later shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for postmortem examination.

Speaking with the journalists at the JPMC, the victim’s son said that Azam was demanding money from her mother. According to him, he was at home when Azam shot and killed his mother.

His mother, he said, had earlier sold one of her properties and Azam had already taken Rs2 million from her on the pretext of buying a car but spent the entire amount on buying drugs.

He said that Azam had returned home just two days ago and was demanding money. His mother, he said, insisted that he first show her the car he had bought before handing him more money. She was also insisting to give her full accounting of the money she had already given him.

After a heated exchange, the accused initially left the house, but he came back later demanded money and when the victim refused, he shot her dead. According to the SHO, police had found two cartridge casings of 30-bore pistol from the crime scene. No case had so far been registered.

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