‘Teheran will not allow Afghan developments to dent Iran’s security’ thumbnail

‘Teheran will not allow Afghan developments to dent Iran’s security’

will not allow the developments in Afghanistan to harm Iran’s security, Quds
Force Commander General Esmaeil Qaani was quoted by Ebrahim Rezaei, a member of
the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, as

The remarks
were part of an interview published by Iran’s Mehr news agency on Tuesday.

Rezaei’s remarks comes in the wake of Iranian parliament’s closed-door session
on Afghanistan on Monday during which IRGC Quds Force commander briefed the MPs
about the developments in that country. 

“In this
session, the commander of the Quds Force of the IRGC insisted that the Islamic
Republic of Iran proved the ‘most prudent’ country and adopted good position”
due to the “deep view” that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has toward
regional and international developments,” the MP said.   

In the
parliamentary session, Rezaei said that General Qaani elaborated on the damages
that the US inflicted on Afghanistan over the past 20 years of its

Citing the
Quds Force chief, the MP said the cost of the US occupation of Afghanistan
amounted to $300 million per day. 

“The US
death toll in Afghanistan was more than 10,000, but the Americans did not get
any results,” Qaani said, according to the MP.

commander also said that the US had deployed 80,000 troops in Afghanistan.
Rezaei said: “The Quds Force chief emphasized that the United States entered
Afghanistan to dominate Iran, Russia, China, and India, but suffered defeats
and eventually fled the country.”

Qaani was also quoted as saying that the United States had brought ISIS to Afghanistan to use them to achieve its goals’.

Quoting the Quds Force commander, Rezaei also said, the Doha talks on Afghanistan proved “fruitless” because of the US intervention.

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