Watch: 11 seconds of terror and foolhardy policemen thumbnail

Watch: 11 seconds of terror and foolhardy policemen

Two new videos of street crimes show an alleged police encounter and a man being robbed in just 11 seconds.

Street crime is fast surging in the far-flung areas of Karachi specially Korangi 33-D.

criminals roam around freely on motorbikes, snatch cash, cell phones and other
valuables in just a few seconds and get away with impunity.

video from Korangi 33-D has surfaced showing an unsuspecting man being deprived
of his cellphone in just 11 seconds by a bandit who emerges pillion riding with
a motorcyclist accomplice.

Both the phone snatcher and his accomplice are then seen making a clean getaway.

a new video has emerged showing police officials mindlessly engaging in a
gunfight with looters without taking any precautionary measures or even wearing
bullet-proof vests.

shootout occurred in Karachi’s Surjani Town locality.

video is proof that the police officials concerned either had no knowledge of
police’s SOPs or were completely disregarding them.

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