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Money Heist Season 5: What to expect?

Money Heist’s fifth season will be releasing on September 3.

The popular Spanish series was not received well at the time of its release in 2017, when it aired on a local TV channel in two parts.

While the first part did gain some attention of the viewers, the second part was a disappointment for most of them.

In the same year, the series was up on Netflix and it became a global hit. The second season was released in 2018 and in the same year, the third season was out as well. Last year, the fourth season was up on OTT platforms.

In the series, A group of high-profile robbers
commit Spain’s biggest robbery. Members of this group are listed amongst the
most wanted criminals of cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio and Mosco.

They are taught to control their emotions as they commit the crime so nothing gets in the way of their plan. But soon after, all of them lose that battle.

The Season 5 trailer shows the gang returning with anger and might. They haven’t forgotten Nairobi’s sacrifice. A lot of bittersweet moments can be seen in the trailer.

In the teaser, the gang members are vengeful and full of agony. A lot of action can be seen and the military is all set to go inside the Royal Mint of Spain but the gang does not seem to give up.

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