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Bollywood actor becomes crime scene investigator

Bollywood actor, Anup Soni has shared his journey of becoming a certified crime scene investigator from a crime show host.

The actor shared his experience with Vice and told that he has become a certified forensic crime scene investigator. He did a 3-month course with International Forensic Sciences (IFS) Education Department, Pune. He shared his big moment on Instagram and posted picture of his certificate.

“This course teaches you how to effectively investigate a crime scene, which is the location, where the crime takes place,” Anup said.

He went viral right after he shared the news on social media. He further elaborated that the whole investigation depends on how “good the job, the investigator does at this point, since the crime scene can tell you about why and how the crime was committed if you pay enough attention and ask the right questions.”

Anup said that this course teaches one to be observant. He shared how one can tell the number of suspects on the crime scene just by noticing some mundane details.

“Like, if you find two glasses at the crime scene, it indicates that there are two suspects. If you find an ashtray, it means the suspect could be a smoker.”

He shed light on how one has to collect the evidence on the crime scene. From leading the team about where to look for fingerprints to telling the photographer about what to click, Anup suggests that one has to be really observant during the investigation.

“Crime scenes will have small changes with time, but the fingerprints and photographs become evidence later on.”

Anup began hosting Crime Patrol in 2011. A television show based on real life crime incidents across India. It’s one of the longest running reality based shows. The actor is popularly known for his famous dialogue, “Savdhaan rahiye, satark rahiye (Stay safe, stay alert).”

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