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Did Taliban set up commission against TTP?

The Voice of America has claimed that the Taliban in Afghanistan has set up a high-powered commission to investigate Pakistan’s complaints against the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The American broadcaster said the Taliban Chief Mullah Hibatuallah had formed the three-member commission recently and that the TTP has been warned to stop violence against Pakistan.

Citing “highly-placed sources,” the VOA report said the commission had warned TTP leaders to “settle their problems with Pakistan and return to the country along with their families in exchange for a possible amnesty by the Pakistani government.”

However, Pakistani sources told the VOA reporter that an amnesty could only be offered if it is in line with the constitution of the country, and Pakistan would not accept TTP demands.

The Afghan Taliban has repeatedly declared that no one would
be allowed to use Afghan soil to attack other countries.

However, the VOA report coincides with renewed attacks
against security forces in Pakistan. On Sunday, a
suspected terrorist was killed
in North Waziristan in an exchange of fire
with the security forces. In another incident, Pakistan Army’s captain was
martyred in Balochistan on the same day.

Last week, there were reports that the Taliban had released hundreds of TTP men from Afghanistan’s jails after they took over the country. Those released included Maulvi Faqeer Mohammad, a leading TTP commander.

The Islamabad datelined Voice of America report has not been corroborated by any statement from any of the half a dozen Taliban spokesmen.

In a series of interviews with Pakistani media last week, Taliban’s Suhail Shaheen repeated the same lines, “We will not allow the use of Afghan soil, neither by an individual nor by any group. I have said this in many interviews and I think our position is clear and known to all.”

On the other hand, Foreign Policy magazine has recently argued that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan would strengthen anti-Pakistan militants.

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