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Naagin Chowrangi acid attack: Man and woman accuse each other

A divorced couple in Karachi has accused each other of throwing acid on them following a squabble over marrying again, the police said Saturday.

The woman, identified as Shabana, filed a case against the man, her ex-husband Usman, for attacking her with acid at the New Karachi police station.

His family has challenged her claims. They claimed that Shabana and Usman were divorced nine months ago, adding that she had been contacting him for the last few months to marry her again.

The woman reportedly called him to a restaurant near Naagin Chowrangi and threw acid on him. Usman was then moved to the Burds Wards of the Civil Hospital, Karachi.

His family said that there are wounds on his face, chest, and body. Dr Ehmer Al-Ibran, who is heading the Burns Centre at CHK, said that the man received 16% burn wounds.

Usman shared that he will file a case against his ex-wife soon, adding that she has already registered an FIR against him.

The police said that they are investigating the case.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that a man threw acid on his ex-wife. The woman received 36% burn wounds. She is currently being treated at the burns ward of Dr Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital, Karachi.

According to the Acid Survivors Foundation, Pakistan, the total number of acid attacks victims from 2007 to 2018 was 1,186. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says that 31 acid attacks were reported in 2017, a whopping 67 in 2018 and 34 in 2019. But those are just the cases that have been reported.

These attacks are not new to our society, yet they continue despite a ban on the public sale and purchase of acid.

Under Section 144 of the Pakistan Penal Code, public dealing of acid and other corrosive substances is banned. Offenders are punishable under Section 336(B) of the PPC, which has maximum life imprisonment. The minimum is not less than 14 years with a fine of Rs1 million.

Violence against women in Pakistan

If you or anyone you know is a survivor of domestic violence, then you can contact the following organisations.

  • Ministry of Human Rights-1099 (You can even download its app Helpline 1099)
  • Madadgar-1098
  • Punjab Women’s Toll-Free Helpline-1043
  • Rozan counselling helpline-03041111741
  • Dastak Foundation-03334161610
  • Bedari-03005251717

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