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Taliban rule in Afghanistan: Pakistan to consult international powers

Pakistan will give its stance on the Afghan Taliban after consultation with regional and international powers, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Tuesday.

In a media talk after the Federal Cabinet meeting in Islamabad, he remarked that Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken the Cabinet into confidence on the situation in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, the Taliban entered Kabul and completed the overall takeover of Afghanistan. Since then there have been many political developments on the international front.

“Pakistan has a very clear narrative on the Taliban takeover — we will only accept them after consultation with China, America, and Iran,” the minister said.

The country can’t take this decision in isolation, he remarked. The prime minister recently held a conversation with Turkish President Erdogan over the situation in Afghanistan too.

“We are happy that there hasn’t been a huge loss of life in the neighbouring country,” Chaudhry said. “The Taliban have promised that the Afghan soil won’t be used against any other nation and Pakistan hopes they remain steadfast on their words.”

During a rally in Bajaur, the PM had advised Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to not hold elections as he won’t be able to form a government in isolation. But Ghani didn’t listen to us.

PTI completes three years in power

Chaudhry said that after Ashura, the PTI government will tell people about its three years in power.

“We are content with the new policies that have been introduced by the prime minister such as electronic voting and the Single National Curriculum.”

The premier’s aim is still the same: to make Pakistan a corrupt-free country, the minister promised.

Other decisions taken in the meeting included a new sports policy, vaccination of all teaching and non-teaching staff in schools, and reinstating Islamabad’s master plan.

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