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Nadeem Khan opens up about upcoming domestic season

Director High
Performance Nadeem Khan believes that additional matches will bring more
opportunities for the players to showcase their talent.

The 2021-22 domestic season will kick off from September 15
where the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has increased the number of games to 266
from 220.

While speaking in a video message, Khan termed the change as
the first steps towards a major revamp of cricket structure in the country.

“We had an extended domestic season last year and we have
extended it even further,” he said. “The reason behind this extension is that
we are trying to increase the pool of players at Under-19 and Under-16 level.”

“This is the first step that we are trying to shape a
pyramid, where we have a decent pool of players at the bottom and the six
First-Class teams on top,” he said. “This allowed us to have two association
teams from each province, which is why we have 266 games and I think it will
bring more opportunities to players to showcase their talent.”

Moreover, he was optimistic to see competitive cricket in
the upcoming season.

“We are excited to have a quality-based and competitive
cricket season, which will not only test the skills, technique and fitness of
professional cricketers but will help the selectors and coaches identify top
performers for their inclusion in the national framework,” the Director High
Performance said.

“This, like the previous season, will be a tough one that
will test the cricketers to their limits. But that’s exactly what we want. We
want to see our domestic system produce mentally and physically tough players
who can perform in any condition against any opposition,” he added.

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