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Karachi Expo Centre: People rush to get vaccinated

People are waiting in long lines outside Karachi’s largest vaccination centre, the Expo, for a second day to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The rush is being caused by the fear that the Sindh government will go through with its deadline of blocking salaries for unvaccinated people after August 31.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced strict lockdown measures in Karachi on Friday to last till August 8.

Police and other law enforcement authorities will check vaccination certificate of people out and about.

It appeared that record numbers of people turned out on Saturday to get vaccinated. The police had to be called in to some centres.

Lockdown restrictions

  • Small-scale public transport will stay open.
  • Large-scale transport will operate with some restrictions.
  • Grocery stores, meat shops, and milk shops will stay open till 6pm.
  • Pharmacies and medical facilities will be open 24/7.
  • Cabinet meeting and assembly sessions to be moved online.
  • Offices to call in minimum staff.
  • Ports to remain open.
  • Utility, food, and pharmaceutical companies to stay open.
  • Only deliveries allowed for restaurants, takeaway banned.
  • Movement of media persons allowed, but they will have to wear masks.

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