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Who would Hania Aamir ‘marry or date’?

Hania Aamir has shared everything from the profession she will never take up to her first celebrity crush.

“Maybe a dog walker,” was the actor’s response when asked about one profession she can never attempt. “I don’t want to take care of the people’s dogs.”

Hania appeared on The Hot Seat last week and talked about her favourites. She had a rather interesting response when asked which actor she would like to date or marry. The options were Azaan Sami Khan and Ali Rehman Khan.

Hania chose Azaan to date. “I don’t mean it. I’m only saying it because they’ve asked me this.”

The actor said she would marry Ali Rehman Khan because he is her “best friend”.

Hania was last seen in the telefilm Dil ke Chor, in which she starred opposite influencer Momin Saqib. She played the lead in drama serials Ishqiya and Dil Ruba in 2020.

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